Pranking Pauline – #69

Sometimes people don’t meet your expectations, and one night, my roomie let me down.  But that’s ok, because I got ‘er back.

It all started with a pair of tickets.  A co-worker of mine had a starring role in a musical, and I had two tickets to go to the show.  My colleagues were all going to be there, including the vice president, and I needed to show up with a date.

Enter Pauline (roommate #69).  She was petite, fun, seductive, with an adorable French accent.  I was single and she was one of my roommates at the time, so I invited her.  She enthusiastically said yes, so we arranged the time and date and I said I’d do the driving.

The day of the musical came, and we were an hour from departure time, and there was no Pauline to be found.  I called her; no answer.  I sent her a text and got no response initially, but half an hour later my phone vibrated.  “Sorry Matt, I am very busy at work, and I cannot make it.”

Great.  Half an hour before go time, and I’ve got a spare ticket and no date.  I paced back and forth in the living room waiting for somebody– anybody to come home.

A few minutes later I heard some commotion at the door, and in walked Andy Amsterdam.  Andy works in the entertainment industry and he’s always on the hunt for some nightlife, so I asked him to join me.  “Hey, Andy, wanna go to a musical with me tonight?”

“Yeah, sure!”

Well, that was an easy sell.  I had a taker for my ticket, so now the only awkward part remaining would be to explain where the girl, who I had talked about at length, had gone, and why I had shown up with a tall, lanky, pimply young man.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw my colleagues walking up to the theatre.  I rolled down my window and said hello.  As they peeked into the car, I blurted out what happened.  “The French girl stood me up, but the Dutch guy bailed me out!”  I got a friendly response from my colleagues, who are fortunately always kind and never judgmental, and went on to park the car.

The rendition of “Into the Woods” was great, and my coworker stole the show as the baker.  The night was a success, but I was still a little cheesed off at Pauline for being a no-show without even giving me a few hours’ notice.  So I started planning how I could get a little light-hearted revenge.

Pauline owned this little, green Mazda 2.  When she asked me to look after her car while she went to LA for her birthday, a light bulb went on in side my head.  She needed to park on the street, so she asked me to check it for tickets and move it if necessary.

Well, I, being the slightly mischievous (but not malicious) type, posted some messages on her facebook timeline while she was gone…


I tagged several of our other roommates, and apparently had her going for a little while before she realized it was a joke.

I proceeded to make her sweat every day until she got back.


One friend pointed out that this amounts to “crying wolf”, and if anything did happen to the car, it would be very difficult to tell her about it.  I thought about bringing this little joke to an end.


But no, I was having too much fun.  Fortunately, nothing happened.  *whew*… or did everything end well?


In the end, Pauline came home, and there were no hard feelings between us in either direction.  Andy and I enjoyed a great show, and my coworkers never asked me any awkward questions about what happened to my date.  All ended well, and the good times rolled on at the Audacious Antelope.

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