Nancy the Nudist – #38


You meet all kinds when you rent a room in a student house.

She walked in the door, carrying three cardboard boxes. This slender brunette was in fit and strong, and she had the confidence to show she knew it. Her name was Nancy. You wouldn’t know she was only 18 and a first year college student, because she carried herself with an ease that few women her age have ever known.
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Breaking In With Awkward Amir – #57

Amir doesn’t talk much.  He’s a painfully introverted guy who avoids eye contact and conversation, and never comes out to the kitchen without earbuds in and a screen in front of his face.  The only time I hear his voice is when he’s playing video games:  The occasional “YESS!” or a string of profanity echoes down the hall from his room, depending on how his game is going at the moment.

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57R Square
What a sweet, crazy life I live.  I remember what it was like to live alone, in the privacy of an apartment with a view, but I gave all of that up for the adventure of living in community with others.  Boy, do I ever have stories!  My friends have been laughing about my lifestyle for years, and have been bugging me to write about it.

This blog is a collection of real-life stories where I will share the the joys, the pains, the poignant and the traumatic moments that are all a part of sharing life with dozens of people.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty).  Some of these stories are awkward, some heart-warming, and some simple and positive.  Some have a moral to them, which may cause you to reevaluate the relationships in your own life, and some will just be laugh-out-loud stupid.
From bonding to betrayal, from hugs to house arrest, the relationships I’ve developed here have changed my life and taught me how to live better with others than I ever could alone.
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